What is the Lifecycle of a silo?

  1. Active Phase (1-3 weeks): A silo administrator (the person starting a silo) notifies his or her friends and associates, through Facebook and our email address book tool, about the silo.  Members join and in turn invite their people to pledge or shop for items.
  2. After silo ends (a few days to a couple weeks): silo administrator receives funds raised by a silo.  Typically this occurs in fewer than three business days after the silo expires, and may take up to three days for the funds transfer to occur.
  3. ‘Thank You’ Phase: The silo administrator begins ‘Thank You’ phase, by uploading photos (and .pdfs of scanned receipts, if he/she likes) to show how funds were spent.  Members are notified about the ‘Thank You’ phase by email, and invited to come see how funds were spent.